Bill's Corner of the World

April 11, 2024

Hi everyone!!! It's me. I'm feeling better. I'm not going into the details because you know I'm going to tell you a story and we will be here all night. My Angels told me to stop. I did what they told me. I will be better; you can count on that. I'm just like that little energizing bunny driving around the house near the adult's foot. Nothing slows him down. However, my Angels will stop me.

My Little Moss Man made two memorable things his past week and weekend. I took a visit for Easter to my niece, her husband and their son, My Moss.

He's two years old and has my heart. Anyway, I was there and waiting for them to come from church. When I got inside Moss said "Look Uncle Bill." After that, and hearing it I told my niece I was no good. "It just opened my heart.”

Then last Thursday, my niece sent me a video field, real short, from her phone just to me. I watched the video with him saying " Hi Uncle Bill." I was so happy. I kept turning it over and over so I could hear. Folks, my brother Rodger, Moss's Grandpa Rodger, as her calls him Believe me if he was here, he would have been over the moon, which I am. I love my Little Moss Man. Hope I haven't worn you out on my Moss. Till Next Time!!!