DES Students Run For the Finish Line

by Melissa Grantham
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ack row: Lori Wilson, Ty George, Owen St. John, Greyson Riggins, Lydia Wright, Kenzie Wood, Hayden McCarley, Jackson Ward, Jaden Steeland, Lindsey Beaton.
Next row: Crawford Roesner, Landon Simpson, Caroline Craig, Henlee Morton, Neci Hill, Kailly Hoots, Daigan Burnett, Griffin Whitmore, Parker George, Cruz Davis
Next row: Wyatt Jones, Weston Vansandt, Evan Watkins, Maddox McCarley, Carson Riggins, Heston Morton, Sentauria Smith, Terrell Dale, Caleb Neal, Wesley Clifton, Andrew Howard, Carlos Osorio, Alesha jones
Front row: Emma green, Cassie Beard, Reese Watkins, Jackson Chambless, Jack Noble, Jay Mannis, Sam Jones, Wiley Whitmore, Saylor Morton, Mackie Hearn.
Not pictured: Harlyn Padgett, Meredith Eggerman, and Mitchell Eggerman.