Letter to the Editor

November 10, 2017

On September 20th I watched as Med flight descended onto the helicopter pad at DeWitt Hospital.

After having served a meal to Team Kids at Faith Baptist Church, William McPherson had begun to experience discomfort in his chest. His wife, Margie, took him to the emergency room at DeWitt Hospital where he was promptly diagnosed to have a coronary thrombosis. He was given a TPA (clot buster) injection and flown to Little Rock. A few days later he underwent coronary bypass surgery. The time frame from his arrival in the E.R. until he was in Little Rock was less than two hours.

While Arkansas County has another excellent hospital in Stuttgart, proximity is crucial in many situations.

More recently my husband’s mother, Mary Kathryn Ruffin, passed away after having battled health related issues for a number of years. The quality of care she received while a patient at DeWitt is to be highly commended.

All levels of hospital personnel were thorough in their work performance. The nurses and respiratory therapists demonstrated utmost professional skill combined with compassion and concern. In many instances they went beyond the call of duty to insure that patient and family needs were met.

It would be tragic for DeWitt to no longer have this facility. Therefore, please vote on November 14th and vote yes to keep the current hospital tax.


Marian Ruffin

Retired Registered Nurse