DES and GES To Receive Free Back to School Supplies

by Charlotte Purdy

With the upcoming school year quickly approaching, parents of enrolled students at DES and GES can mark off school supply shopping from their lists. During the DeWitt School Board Meeting on Thursday, July 11, 2019, the Board approved the purchases of all school supplies (excluding backpacks and rest mats) for the students. What does this mean for parents? No school supply shopping and no out of pocket expenses. The supplies are FREE!

Thanks to generous donations from the communities, the DeWitt School Board, and the DeWitt School District, parents can sigh a sigh of relief knowing that they do NOT have to go shopping for school supplies. The supplies will be provided as kits and will be in the students classrooms on the school campuses.

Read the full article in the July 25, 2019 edition of the DeWitt Era-Enterprise.