Local Man Saves Family From Potential Gas Explosion

by Charlotte Purdy

Sunday evenings are often set aside for families to gather together to enjoy Sunday dinner and quality family time. Gathering together in the family homes, family members enjoy one another’s company before starting a new week of busy work and school schedules and extracurricular activities.

It was a normal Sunday evening at the home of Larry and Lucille Dillion on Sunday, November 17, 2019. Dark had fallen and the Dillions were enjoying family time with their son Andy, and granddaughter Brooklyn. Everything seemed normal.

Outside, things were quite the opposite. The family’s butane tank was bellowing out a massive amount of butane, filling the night sky with a smell that clung to everything in its path. Thankfully, Craig Mannis had arrived at the shop on the property, where he owns ARCO Body Shop, to do some repairs on a vehicle when he noticed the smell of the butane.

Manis assumed that the pilot had gone out in his heater in the shop but upon inspecting it, he realized that wasn’t the case. Going back outside to trace the leak, Mannis noticed the butane profusely leaking from the Dillion’s tank and was able to cut off the supply to the butane to prevent anymore leakage.

Lucille Dillion stated, “He is our Guardian Angel in disguise! If our heater would have kicked on, we might not be here today!” Dillion expressed her sincere gratitude for Mannis being in the right place at the right time.

“We want to express our sincere gratitude to Craig for saving us. Had he not shown up when he did, we possibly wouldn’t be here because the leak would have led to an explosion in our home.” Dillion went on to say, “We are just so very thankful to Craig! He saved us and for that we are forever grateful!”
“This is the perfect time to remind people to keep a check on their tanks,” Dillion said.

Anyone who uses butane for heat should always make sure that their tanks and lines are inspected on a regular basis to prevent any leaks.

Thankfully, this family will continue gathering together and making new memories thanks to the quick thinking and actions taken by Mannis.