Stay Alert During Severe Weather Conditions

by Charlotte Purdy

For the past several days, multiple weather stations have reported that most of Arkansas will experience high winds, flash flooding, severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes overnight on Friday night into Saturday morning. The latest update shows that Arkansas County will begin being affected by the severe weather at approximately 2:00 a.m. (0200 hours).

During severe weather, having a weather radio or text alerts on mobile devices is extremely important and could possibly save lives. Staying tuned in to the local television stations is a great tool to stay aware of the weather, but during a power outage it is best to have a back up plan such as text alerts.

Citizens of DeWitt are able to sign up for CodeRed alerts, but not all live within the coverage area. To help our citizens prepare for the weather, we have compiled a list of apps that can be downloaded to alert our subscribers in case severe weather conditions occur.


KATV weather:

THV11 for android:

THV11 for iPhone:

Arkansas Storm Team:

AccuWeather for iPhone:

AccuWeather for android:

Wireless devices may still receive alerts during a severe weather outbreak. Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are part of the nationwide emergency alert system that warn are sent out to warn you when weather threatens. (weatehr.gove/wm/wea)

Along with having text/message alerts, be sure that you have a safe place to be in case of a warning.

If you are affected by severe weather, staying in a safe location until the threat has passed is of utmost importance. Once the threat has passed, be sure to check on your property and neighbors, as well as letting your family/friends know that you are safe.

Finally, be sure to charge all of your mobile devices and have backup lighting ready in case of a power failure!

Stay safe and alert!