Local Businesses Depend on Drive Through, Carry Out and Curbside Service

by Charlotte Purdy

A small community depends on support from the community members throughout the year. Between school, church, and local organizational fundraisers, local businesses go above and beyond to support the cause.

Those same businesses are now faced with having to either close for a period of time or offer extra services to remain open.

Now is when local community members can give back to the businesses that support their fundraisers throughout the year. Although citizens are urged to stay home when possible, they can still support the smaller businesses from the comfort of their vehicles or from their homes.

Some local businesses are offering curb-side pickup for customers who are picking up their orders. Dean’s Pharmacy has added virtual shopping to their services, which allows customers to shop by video calls/conferences, make their purchases, and then have them delivered or picked up at the drive through.

Most restaurants in town are offering drive through pickup and some are even offering delivery to their vehicles by way of a makeshift drive through such as the Catfish Shack. Other restaurants are offering delivery services to local businesses and residences to help with the cut of in-house diners. The Bull Pen is offering their regular buffet menu as take-out for those who are used to gathering to enjoy their meals at lunch.

Living in such a small community as DeWitt is, it’s important to shop local throughout the year, but it is even more important to do so now. If you aren’t comfortable getting out and about, shop online or call to see what services are being offered to you as a customer.

Our local businesses depend on your support and seeing how they have taken the extra steps to not only prevent the virus from coming into our community but to continue serving their customers is a true testament as to how much they enjoy giving back to the community!