When you’re on your own, we are there with you.

April 01, 2020

As the United States faces the worst public health crisis since the early 1900’s, we want you to know we are here for you – and with you.

Whatever happens, whenever it happens, the DeWitt Era-Enterprise will be there for you.

We’ll be there to let you know just how our community is managing through the crisis – from local businesses to the government, to the health care system and schools, to the drastic impact on individuals and families.

And we’ll be there to let you know about the good and extraordinary things happening in the midst of the crisis – the locals that are sewing masks for our community, the families spreading cheer outside of the nursing homes, the schools providing lunches for the children that are unable to attend school, the local restaurants and businesses providing food to our hospitals and pharmacies, to volunteers bringing food to the elderly that feel unsafe leaving their homes. Amidst the sadness and anxiety that COVID-19 is causing, there are uplifting moments such as the ones listed above that remind us that in a time of despair, we can pull together as a community when needed.

We are here to help you make sense of the situation and to help you navigate it. Having fact-based, reliable reporting that provides public inquiry and understanding is more important than ever during this time.

Together, across the decades, the DeWitt Era-Enterprise and its readers have navigated many horrific events, though this is greater than any of those, but, rest assured, we will be here for you. Arkansas County is a resilient city where people come together to build and rebuild. If we all stick together as a community, we will come through this, too.