Spring Has Sprung in Arkansas County

by Kaley Jo Baker

There is more to the beginning of the spring season than the calendar date itself. March 19th can arrive with snow falling, or it can arrive with the sunshine blazing and flowers blooming. The real spring comes with a distinct feeling – one that is recognizable and carries with it a sense of excitement. You can always tell when spring has arrived when the birds flock back from their vacations, the air begins to smell sweet, the days become warmer, and daylight hangs around later and later.

At the Court House in DeWitt, spring has officially sprung and it is clear by taking a stroll up the sidewalk. Though you can’t physically go into the Court House, you can get out and stroll around the lawn and enjoy the beautiful tulips, thanks to the Master Gardener’s crew. During times of crisis, sometimes it lifts your spirits to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Remember to practice social distancing if you are out and about checking out the beauty of Arkansas County.