Local Student Shows Acts of Kindness During Times of Despair

by Kaley Jo Baker

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a student from DeWitt High School, Miss DeWitt 2020, and Kroger employee Paige Howard has taken it upon herself to volunteer in the community during the hard times.

An act that is such a small gesture has made a huge impact on several in the community. On April 1st, Howard made a Facebook post that she was trying to find ways to just be a blessing to others. “I will personally grocery shop for anyone. Young or elderly. I want to help as many people as possible during this time,” said Howard. “All you have to do is make a list, have a check or cash ready, and message me your phone number.”

Due to the virus being spread easily, Howard will drop the groceries off at your door and will not come into your home. Howard is doing this act of kindness free of charge and just wants to help those in need. “God sends little blessings when you least expect them! Y’all, Paige Howard is an amazing young lady, which she gets from her momma! They did my grocery shopping and also loaded it in my car! Y’all this was a huge help and I’m less likely to pass anything off to my momma and daddy! Thank you again ladies! I’ll be adding y’all to my prayer list, stay safe, and I will be asking for help again,” was a comment made by community member Chantel Poor after she received her groceries.

If you need help or know anyone that may need help, please contact Paige Howard or Leslie Rone on Facebook and they will take some of the stress off and do your shopping for you.