“Pilgrim Reflections” - “Delusional Thinking”

July 20, 2022

In reality, we know the problem.

But we choose to believe the Lie.

Yes, II Thessalonians 2:1-12, along with Matthew 24:4-44; Romans 1:18-32; II Timothy 3:1-7, 12-13; 4:3-4 and II Peter 2:1-3:7 clearly tell us what’ll happen in the Last Days. So, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see what’s happening all around us right now.

In Rom. 1:18, Paul talks about “God’s Wrath will be revealed against all ungodliness and unrighteousness toward those who suppress the Truth.” And, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what he meant in vv.19-32: for it’s exactly what’s happening all around us today.

And, what’s this “Wrath revealed?”

Is it earthquakes, famines, floods, tornadoes/typhoons, pestilences (diseases, epidemics), out-of-control forest fires, terrorism, etc. (Rom. 8:22)?

Or, is it also something else?

Yes, it’s something else—and in Rom. 1:24, 26, 28 we read what that “something” is: it’s His “giving them up” and “turning them over” to themselves to self-destruct.

And, how does He do that? By “giving them over to a reprobate mind” (v.28). The question, then, is “What is a reprobate mind?”

It’s basically a “rejected, worthless, perverse, perverted, morally repulsive belief or way-of-thinking.”

And, again, even a casual reading of vv.19-27 clearly reveals what this means. It’s calling “right” wrong and “wrong” right. It’s knowing what God has said, but intentionally choosing to do wrong instead—and even applauding those who join them in doing it (v.32).

That’s why Paul said “And they are without excuse—for God has clearly revealed Himself even in creation,” but they’ve chosen to believe the devil’s Lie instead (vv.19-21).

Yes, the “god of this world has always blinded the minds of them who don’t believe lest the Light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, Who is the Image of God, should shine unto them” (II Corinthians 4:4).

In reality, he’s done that since the beginning (Genesis 3:1-6)—and, as we move farther into the Last Days, it’s going to intensify and increase (II Thess. 2:9-10; II Peter 5:8).

II Thess. 2:1-12 clearly tells what’s going to happen and it reads like this morning’s newspaper: “Deceitfulness of unrighteousness. . .no love of the Truth and a refusal to believe it. . .having a pleasure in unrighteousness, i.e., in doing wrong” (vv.10, 12).

And, again, why do they do this?

Because their minds are blinded by the devil. . .they have a “reprobate mind”. . .and engage in “delusional thinking” (v.11).

What are some examples of this?

*That it’s okay for two men or women to have sex with each other when God said it should be between a biological man and biological woman (Genesis 2:21-24; Rom. 1:24-27)

*That God made a mistake in creating me a male or female—and one must decide his/ her own gender and change it if necessary (e.g., transgenderism, gender dysphoria, etc.)

*That one race is superior to another (when, in reality, there’s only one race—the human race—but many different ethnicities)

*That one religion is superior to another or Truth is what you believe it to be or “God accepts us as we are”—and we’re all striving for the same place (Heaven), but just taking different routes

And, the list of “Delusional Thinking” goes on and on and on.

That’s why we must cry out to God—for He’s the only One Who can deliver from such thinking and a depraved lifestyle through the New Birth.

And, that’s why the ones of us who know the Truth (Jesus and His Word) must “continue in the things which we have learned and been assured of through Scripture” (II Tim. 3:14-15)—while “not being soon shaken in mind or troubled as the Day of Christ’s Return draws near” (II Thess. 2:2).

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