Bill's Corner of the World

by Bill Shrum

Hi everyone!! It is Christmas!! Everyone has their Christmas decorations up and almost all of

their presents wrapped for all of their loved ones. I have mine wrapped and bought for the ones I am going to give to this year. I don't have many to buy for anymore, like I used to do. The ones I have now are done.

Memories of far away Christmas's is what I have now and believe me those are unforgettable

Christmas's. I remember the one almost fifty years ago when my Dad and I went out in the woods and cut my Grandmother Austen a tree down so she could decorate it for Christmas that year. As they say now that was "Priceless."

Christmas to me was the love we had around our house and the food my mother and Dad provided for us on Christmas Day. We always had turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, green beans, and the cherry, lemon, and pecan pies. Afterwards, we couldn't eat for at least a few days. Oh what fun we had after eating that though. That was what Christmas was all about.

Those memories were many years ago and all of the characters are almost gone. Oh what memories they are too. That’s what I have now, memories of long ago to last a long time.

Everyone, have a wonderful Christmas, so you can have wonderful memories for you to drift back and reminisce when you become older and all you have is memories. There is nothing like it. Believe me. Till Next time!!!

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