Stuttgart Police Department Incident Reports

January 17, 2024

On January 5, 2024, at approximately 10:29 A.M. I, Sgt. Williams was dispatched to G&B Liquor located at 206 South Park Avenue regarding a theft. Upon arrival, I made contact with Mr. Brent London. Mr. London advised that he works for Ludwig Distribution and was making a delivery to the store when he noticed a 30 pack of Bud Light missing from his pallet that was outside of the front door of the store. Upon speaking to the cashier on duty, her and Mr. London reviewed the camera and saw a black male identified as Mr. Vince Wyatt entering the store, making a purchase, and then while walking back to the red Chevrolet Cobalt that Mr. Wyatt arrived in, he took the merchandise off of the pallet. The cashier contacted Mr. Wyatt and his sister advising Mr. Wyatt to either bring the merchandise back or to come pay for it and no charges would be pressed. After waiting approximately 20 minutes for Mr. Wyatt to return, he never returned to the store. At that time, I advised that a report would be taken for the incident.

On 01/07/2024, I, Officer Whitcomb was traveling north on South Buerkle street when I noticed a silver in color SUV that did not stop at the red light at 2nd Street and South Main Street traveling south. I turned on my patrol unit blue lights and siren. The vehicle pulled over at 10th and Main. The LPN of the vehicle came back to a 2024 Honda CV-R. I walked up to the driver side of the vehicle and told the driver my name, who I worked for, and the reason why I pulled her over. While speaking with the driver, I asked her if she has had anything to drink and she stated yes about 3 drinks, due to the smell of intoxicants coming from her persons. Ms. Mcclendon stated that she would pay me to not go to jail. I then proceeded to walk back to my patrol unit to run Ms. Mcclendon through ACIC and NCIC. I then walked back to Ms. Mcclendon and asked her to step out of the vehicle so I could perform a field sobriety test. I noticed that Ms. Mcclendon’s eyes were glossy, watery, and also red in color.

The first test in field sobriety is HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) which occurs as the eyes move to the side from the center point and is an involuntary jerking of the eye. Ms. Mcclendon failed due to both of her eyes jerking.

The second test in field sobriety is 9 step walk and turn which the test involves 9 heel to toe steps down the line. After the first set of 9 heel to toe steps, the driver must turn around, taking a series of 9 heel to toe steps and return where she started. Ms. Mcclendon failed due to not touching heel to toe.

The final test in field sobriety is one leg stand which shows the balance of the driver. Ms. Mcclendon passed the test.

Sgt. Jackson arrived on scene and preformed a portable breathalyzer (pvt) which gives a close reading of Ms. Mcclendon blood alcohol level, which read .13.

I then proceeded to place Ms. Mcclendon into custody. I placed her left wrist into cuffs and when I was placing her right wrist into cuffs she was resisting and stated she did not want to go to jail. I proceeded to tell her multiple times to give me her wrist. After talking to her, she finally let me place her into custody. I placed Ms. Mcclendon into the back passenger side of my patrol unit and transported her to the Stuttgart Police Department to perform an alcohol breathalyzer. Sgt. Jackson standby with the vehicle until Ollie’s Wrecker Service arrived on scene for the vehicle. Officer Brooks read Ms. Mcclendon her rights of the DWI test and then proceeded to perform the alcohol test. After the test was finalized, the test results came back that Ms. Mcclendon's blood alcohol level was 0.133.

On January 8, 2024, I Sgt. Jackson was dispatched to 1709 North Buerkle for a subject that needed to be removed from Baptist Health Hospital. Upon my arrival, I spoke with Vent Jefferies who was asked to leave the hospital after being treated and discharged by medical staff. I then advised Mr. Jefferies he needed to leave the hospital after asking several times. He then refused and said take me to jail after advising me he had no ride and asking for a ride home. I advised Mr. Jefferies that our policy doesn’t allow us to give rides to individuals who are not arrested. I asked him again to leave he refused and was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. He was transported to Stuttgart Police Dept where he was cited and released and given the court date of January 23,2024 at 1pm.

On January 9, 2024, at approximately 12:15 pm, I, Officer Foster was dispatched to 301 S. College St. for a report of vandalism. Upon arrival, I spoke with a woman who was identified as Shelly Owens. Ms. Owens stated that she believed someone broke her water line outside with the intention of stealing the brass water fitting. Upon my inspection, I noticed that the parts were all there and it appeared that the wind had knocked over the big cover that was covering the water line and when it blew over, the cover broke the PVC pipe. All edges appeared to be jagged and not cut and all parts were still there.

On January 10, 2024, I, Officer Ratliff was dispatched by Sgt. Watson to meet him at John Cain Park. Upon arrival, I was advised that Ms. Kerri Jernigan had notified them about the city park’s bathroom being vandalized. I went to check out the damage and seen the first two windows in front of the building were broken out. I then made my way onto the other side and saw the back windows were broken out. I then made entry into the bathroom where the sink had been pulled out of the wall and broken as well. After talking to Ms. Jernigan, she advised me that it must have happened between Monday and sometime today. She went over last week and everything was fine. Currently at this time no further information.