Stuttgart Police Department Incident Reports

January 24, 2024

On Sunday, January 14th, 2024, I, Ptl. Creppel was advised by dispatch of a domestic situation at 1108 S Columbus. Ptl. Foster was the first to arrive. I arrived and made secondary contact with the caller, Ashley Carver. Carver was stating that her husband, Gavin Carver, may be back on drugs. Ashley advised that Gavin has been acting out of character since Friday night. Ashley stated that Gavin had attended and graduated from a rehabilitation program but is acting like he was while under the influence of pills maybe. While speaking with Ashley with Ptl Foster there, she stated that Gavin had threatened her with a pen then threatened to harm himself and placed a box cutter to his neck. Ptl Foster then left to see if Gavin could be located. I then asked Ashley to go over everything again for me in case I missed information prior to my arrival. Ashley advised that Gavin had been yelling and damaging property. I then asked Ashley about the threats. Ashley then repeated how he had threatened to harm himself with a box cutter. I then asked if there were threats made towards her. Ashley then stated that Gavin said that there was no point in hurting her and turned towards hurting himself. Gavin left their residence on foot. I advised Ashley that she could reach back out to the rehabilitation program Gavin went through.

On January 16th, 2024, all units were dispatched to 302 North Grand apartment 1, in regards to a domestic taking place. Upon arrival, contact was made with the individual that placed the call and been assaulted, identified as Mrs. Tamia Wright. Mrs. Wright began by telling us that the altercation took place due to her asking the gentleman a question which upset him causing him to begin to flip the bed over and bang the head then charging at her striking her in her face with a closed fist multiple of times. This gentleman was identified as Mr. Lazarus Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton was not at the scene at this time.

Mrs. Wright was checked out by EMT but refused medical treatment. Mrs. Wright was read her Laura's Law and advised a report would be made.

On Thursday, January 18th, 2024, I, Ptl. Creppel was dispatched to the front lobby of the police department to make a report. Upon arrival, I spoke with Nazim Ali. Ali advised that he was the property owner of AZ Mart located at 720 North Main. Ali then stated that the property is leased to a Rizwan Surani who had just threatened to shoot and kill him at church that night. While speaking with Ali, Ali showed an email that was sent from Surani stating that he was going to be breaking his leasing contract and not continuing his business at 720 North Main St. Ali advised that him and Surani got into an argument while trying to explain Ali wanted to go along with their agreement of ending the contract. Ali asked what he should do and if he should attend church that evening and I advised him that it was ultimately his decision.

Ali was advised of the affidavit process.