Bill's Corner of the World

March 20, 2024

Hi everyone!! March is marching on and next week will be Easter Week festivities. This week is Spring Break for school teachers and students to enjoy an entire week off. I know everyone is going to have a good and safe time, whether it may be. Some of my friends go to the gulf and some of my friends stay here and enjoy themselves.

I have been reading a book about Sarah Bernhardt, the French lady from Paris who learned to be an actress. Back then, that far back, actress's were looked at and treated like "Women of the Evening." They weren't treated nicely at all. Bernhardt broke that mold and became very famous and very wealthy for an actress back then.

Since of us talking of famous women, I can think of some more. Jean Harlow was the first full fledged Sex Symbol of The Golden Era of Hollywood. Her career was short but full of substance. She has become the essence of sex appeal.

Another sex symbol was Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was both a comedic actress and serious actress. She just couldn't shake the sex symbol aura and went down with it.

We also have had excellent actresses through the years like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, and let us never forget Meryl Streep. These were just a few of the great actresses..

Remember, we always have to remember the ones who have come first. They have paved the way for the others. We sometimes think we are the first or best, but perhaps we aren't at all. Till Next Time!!

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