Drive In Movies and Fun Times

April 03, 2024

Many of the older generations at one time or another have sat in their vehicles and watched a movie on the big screen, listening to the movie through speakers or their radios. Many a fun nights were had and many memories were made that have been passed on through the generations, but those times have come few and far between as many drive in movies have closed. Upon a quick search, there are only a few left across the state of Arkansas and the younger generation may not have ever been to a drive in movie. Some who are my age (50) haven’t even been!

That’s changing right here in Arkansas County though! Yes, you read right! The drive in movie setting is making a comeback right here in our amazing little city, and it’s being made possible by ArCo Delta Aid Foundation and their amazing volunteers. In the month of March, a few movies were played on the screen on the side of Webb’s Sporting Goods and those who attended really enjoyed the movies along with the door prizes that were given out!

Bringing this into our city is to provide something for the children to do on the weekends and it’s just the beginning of the plans being made. Many ideas are being thrown around, funding is being sought out, and volunteers are stepping up to help in any way they can.

ArCo Delta Aid Foundation provides many things for the youth in the communities across Arkansas County and they plan to continue hosting the drive in movies! Currently, they are working on getting a better screen, as the evening winds have taken a toll on the soft screen they began with.

ArCo Delta Aid Foundation is paving the way for changes in our communities to bring them together and if you’d like to help by making a donation toward the purchase of the better screen or the initiative, you can go to their website at