Arkansas Extreme Outdoors Takes 1st Place in Fishing Tournament

May 31, 2024

A catfishing tournament was held on May 11, 2024, with 30 teams entering. The entrants cast their poles with intentions of bringing home the top prize of $725, a free entry in the 2025 tournament, and a team photo as page cover for the month of June.

Arkansas anglers from Monticello, Poplar Grove, Hot Springs, Benton, Little Rock, Star City, DeWitt, Bismarck, Stuttgart, and Redfield weren’t the only ones entering the tournament. Others came in from Missouri and Louisiana.

Cash payouts of $725 for 1st Place, $365 for 2nd Place, $215 for 3rd Place, and $145 for 4th Place were paid out along with the Big Catfish Pot of $280 and Trash Fish Pot of $135.

Other prizes included the Snoopy Pole Challenge (Biggest catfish on a 48” or shorter kid style pole) where the winner won a Meat Hunter Rod, the Smallest Catfish won a set of Bubba Smart scales, and the Target Weight Catfish (closest to 29lbs either direction) won 25 skipjacks.

Winners of the tournament were: 1st: Arkansas Extreme Outdoors, 65lbs. 12 oz.; 2nd: Mudfish, 65 lbs. 10 oz.; 3rd: River Rats, 46 lbs. 12 oz.; 4th: NCIS, 46 lbs. 4 oz.; 5th: Stank Bait, 46 pounds; 6th: Zachery Stuckey Outdoors, 38 pounds; 7th: Cat Nappers, 32 lbs. 14 oz.; 8th: Fish Around and Find Out, 19 lbs. 2 oz.; 9th: Catfish Mafia, 18 lbs. 8 oz.; 10th: Turbo Cats, 15 pounds; 11th: Bottleneck Crew, 14 lbs. 14 oz.; 12th: Get the Net, 13 lbs. 4 oz.; 13th: Bank Bandit, 12 lbs. 6 oz.; 14th: Raised Outdoors, 10 lbs. 10 oz.; 15th: Chunky Shads, 9 lbs. 6 oz.; 16th: Out Cattin, 8 lbs. 6 oz.; 17th: Cat Daddy, 7 lbs. 12 oz.; 18th: The Brim Job, 5 lbs. 12 oz.;

19th: Hookem Heavy, 1 lbs. 8 oz.

No weight: Thunderhead, Flattie, Catfish Magnets, Dirty Hookers, Bass Holes, Bottom Feeders, Rod Squad, Stank Fingers, Bobby Webb, Fishing on a Budget, and Tonystayfishin.